Share and trust interest assets of certain businesses may lose CGT concessions

  Changes made to the CGT small business concessions through the measures contained in Treasury Laws Amendment (Tax Integrity and Other Measures) Bill 2018 represent a marked departure from the previous rules for determining if a capital gain from shares or trust interests qualified for the concessions. These changes generally accord with the aim of

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Is the deduction substantiation threshold an ‘80s anachronism?

  Every tax time, the ATO is in the habit of pointing out the most common mistakes or misconceptions that regularly come to its attention — see its Tax myths busted! here. Generally leaving out some item of income is high up on the ATO’s list of taxpayer errors, as is trying to claim deductions

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Travel allowances (and retaining the exception to substantiate)

A travel allowance is a payment made to employees to cover accommodation, food, drink or incidental expenses they incur when they travel away from their home overnight or longer in the course of their duties. In most circumstances, when claiming other deductions, your clients will be expected to be able to substantiate the expense being

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