data matching

Using the small business benchmarks

The ATO has a database of “small business benchmarks” against which it compares lodged information. But business owners can also benefit by using the small business benchmarks to compare their own performance. Using small business benchmarks It says the small business benchmarks: are calculated from income tax returns and activity statements from more than 1.3 million

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ATO business visits uncover some lax taxation habits

The ATO has been visiting businesses across Australia as part of its ongoing focus on the cash and hidden economy, a campaign it has dubbed Protecting honest business. In particular, it has been focusing on businesses advertising “cash-only” or dealing mainly in cash. The name of its campaign refers to the unfair advantage these cash

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Data matching by ATO targets card payments, online sales, ride sourcing

Every year, the ATO collects new data from financial institutions and matches this data with its own information, which is sourced from income tax returns, activity statements and other tax records. Data matching ATO targets card payments, online sales, ride sourcing It says that its current data matching activities are focused on gathering data on:

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