Airbnb and the Australian tax system

Wei Shiek navigates through the myriad of tax issues of Airbnb and the Australian tax system* Airbnb is one of many examples of the “sharing economy” — connecting buyers (users) and sellers (providers) through a facilitator that usually operates an app or a website. Airbnb acts as this facilitator by allowing individuals, referred to as

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Amazon’s tax reputation is a challenge for the ATO

The retailing behemoth Amazon is expected to open for business in Australia very soon, perhaps even in time for Christmas. But Amazon’s tax reputation is a challenge for the ATO, with the worrying factor being the mega-player’s track record on dodging its tax obligations in other countries across the globe where it has opened its

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Tax and the sharing economy

The concept of a “sharing economy” has been around for long enough now to have had a very real impact on how our financial transactions are conducted. Of course there is a lot more to it than that — there always is — but as far as the treatment of the taxation element of these

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