Frank Buck: A life of tax and insurance expertise

Frank Buck: A life of tax and insurance expertiseFrank Buck, a Life Member of Tax & Super Australia, passed away at the age of 96 years on 23 February. Frank Buck: A life of tax and insurance expertise

Frank had a long and successful career in the Australian petroleum industry, which began on the 6 April 1936 at the age of 16 when he joined Atlantic Union Oil Company as a mail clerk on £5 a month ($87 in 2017 dollar values).

He embarked on night studies that eventually lead to accounting qualifications and specialist skills in tax and insurance, but his progress was temporarily interrupted by World War II.

Frank joined the army in 1941 and progressed to the rank of Sergeant Major, spending a significant part of his time at Adelaide River and Darwin managing fuel distribution to the war effort in northern Australia.

After the war, Frank’s accounting/financial career resumed with Atlantic Union Oil, and followed an upward trajectory after Atlantic transformed into Esso Standard Oil (Australia) Pty Ltd in the early 1960s, and after Esso and its JV partner BHP had early exploration success with the discovery of gas in Bass Strait in 1965.

With subsequent discoveries of a series of major gas and oil fields, and their development, the management of tax and insurance became far more critical in managing and developing a production and distribution business. In that regard, Frank became the Tax and Insurance Manager for Esso, as well as a recognised source of industry expertise in these evolving disciplines, up to the time of his retirement in 1977 after achieving 40 years of service.

Frank was also a great contributor to the community and is survived by his wife, Patricia, a daughter and son, seven grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren.