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Fuel tax credit rate changes (from July 1, and from August 1)

Fuel tax credit rates increased on 1 August 2017. Some of these rates also changed on 1 July 2017, due to a change in the road user charge and an annual increase to excise duty rates on biofuels. Rates change regularly. They are indexed twice a year, in February and August, in line with the

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Checklist of business deductions

This non-exhaustive checklist of business deductions is designed to provide an easy reference guide to the types of deductions that might be claimed by businesses. This checklist should be read in conjunction with a similar checklist for employees that was published last week (read it here). Note that these deductions may not necessarily be available,

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Investment forms, explanations, guidance

Use the links provided to find out more about investing, and find out more about the Tax Office’s investor’s tax planning tips. Property Tax advice website for investors  The Tax Office’s tax planning website, designed to help investors and tax agents make informed investment decisions. Features a checklist of what to look for before putting

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Taken goods for private use? Here’s the latest values

Taken goods for private use? Here’s the latest values. The ATO knows that many business owners naturally help themselves to their trading stock and use it for their own purposes. Taken goods for private use? Here’s the latest values This common practice can occur in businesses such as butchers, bakers, corner stores, cafes and more.

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