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Statutory declarations and your practice

A practitioner’s client will occasionally be required to provide a statutory declaration, which as we know must be signed in the presence of an “authorised witness”. Certain professions are authorised under the legislation to act as an authorised witness for statutory declarations under the governing authority, the Federal Attorney-General’s Department. Statutory declarations and your practice

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Simpler BAS lodgment up and running

The beginning of this week (August 21) was the due date for lodging and paying the July monthly activity statement, with a key difference that the July 2017 statement will be the first time practitioners prepare and lodge using Simpler BAS reporting for eligible clients. Simpler BAS lodgment up and running Your small business clients

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Deduction for association subscriptions — eligibility can endure into retirement

Many professional, business or trades people are members of an association, and during their working life subscribe to an appropriate organisation. Deduction for association subscriptions In most cases the membership of a trade union for example, or professional association relevant to workers in a particular occupation, would qualify for deduction under the general deduction provisions

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Lodging a complaint against the ATO

When you are informed of a decision, the ATO is required to explain that decision and to advise you of your options to have the decision reviewed by the ATO or another body. This applies in respect of any communication to you from the ATO. If you are not satisfied with the decision, or the

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What is personal services income?

Ordinary or statutory income will be treated as personal services income (PSI) if it is mainly a reward for a person’s personal efforts or skills. Where the income is derived by an entity other than a person, the test requires an examination of whether the income would mainly be a reward for that person’s personal

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