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Cloud computing, and navigating your business’s risk

Agreements between users of cloud computing services are as variable as the businesses involved, which has led the government to the realisation that the ongoing adoption of cloud-based business solutions has brought with it a need for a whole-of-government approach to the issues that can surface. The government’s Information Management Office (IMO) defines cloud computing

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Large increase in tax audit insurance claims over past 12 months

Not long into Tax Time 2016, ATO assistant commissioner Graham Whyte said in a media release that “every tax return is scrutinised using increasingly sophisticated tools and data analytics developed by our ‘data doctors’ at the ATO. Large increase in tax audit insurance claims over past 12 months He went on to say: “This means

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The PLS is looming larger on the horizon

The ATO’s new practitioner lodgment service (PLS) is replacing its incumbent electronic lodgment service (ELS) as the primary lodgment channel (which will be “turned off” at the end of March 2017). Lodgments made using PLS will need to be made with standard business reporting (SBR)-enabled software packages. The PLS is looming larger on the horizon

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What your clients need to know if they ask for a private ruling

That the ATO has taken the tax practitioner sector’s feedback about private rulings seriously is to be commended, however just in case clients hear about the initiative and think this translates to “open slather”, there are still some sober facts that taxpayers need to be reminded of when it comes to applying for rulings from

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Client calling time out on their business? The tips and traps

When your client first went into business, either buying an established enterprise or starting from scratch, probably the last thing on their mind was the day they would close the door for the last time. Client calling time out business? The tips and traps But it’s no use ignoring the inevitable, as one day they

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