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The ATO wants your opinion on garnishees and freezing orders

The ATO has reached out to the tax professional community and is encouraging practitioners to provide feedback on their experiences in relation to garnishees and freezing orders. In particular it says it would like to hear practitioner responses to the following questions: What are your observations about the impact of its use of garnishees or

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The practitioner lodgement service (PLS) and your AUSkey credentials

The ATO has recently advised that when a practitioner firm’s software is ready to make a successful transition to the practitioner lodgment service (PLS), there are some checks practitioners should first make. Desktop software The ATO advise that your AUSkey credentials must be up-to-date, and lodgment permissions assigned to you and your staff, before using

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Interpreting statutory text — internal ATO documents released

The ATO has released on its legal database a series of what until recently have been internal ATO documents. The release of these documents in an initiative that the ATO has labelled “iNOW!” (a contraction of “interpretation now”) and is, according to assistant commissioner Gordon Brysland, “a reinvention initiative to drive awareness on what is

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ATO announces what’s new in pre-filling

The ATO has published what pre-fill information is available for this Tax Time. It says practitioners can use its pre-filling service to cross-check information provided by your clients with data held by the ATO. This will help ensure the accuracy of returns. ATO announces what’s new in pre-filling Pre-filling information is available through the Tax

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New SMSF auditor’s report form

A new version of the Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) independent auditor’s report has been published on the ATO website. The new form is effective for reporting periods starting on or after July 1, 2016. It can also be used for audits completed for earlier periods, but you must ensure it complies with the auditing standards and

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