Consumption taxes: How do we compare?

The recently issued government paper Re:think suggested a review of the goods and services tax (GST) system, including increasing the rate applied beyond the current 10% as well as the range of items it applies to. While we all know that GST is levied at 10%, and that fresh food, health and educational products and

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Negative gearing: A polarising issue that won’t go away

Australian governments across the political hues see no need to touch negative gearing.  It is a mechanism that exists within the fundamentals of Australia’s tax system anyway — a deductibility of interest on borrowings made to undertake an investment.  It is nothing more than a specific case of the general principle that the expenses incurred

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Facts and conversation starters about Australian money

You’ve probably got some on your person right now, either in the wallet or purse or just shoved into your pockets. But there’s more to know about money than just how to make it, spend it, save it and try to not pay too much tax on it. Facts and conversation starters about Australian money

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