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Modernising the ATO’s existing public rulings

The ATO has produced a large number of public rulings over many years. Although most are current, many have not been updated in a very long time. To address this situation it has announced a program of modernisation of its database of rulings under its new “advice under development” program. This initiative allows practitioners to

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Trusts demystified

A dictionary definition of a trust is: “A fiduciary relationship in which one person (the trustee) holds the title to property (the trust estate or trust property) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary).” Why create a trust? One of the big motivations will be to protect assets. Property and assets can be moved into

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DASP explained, and where the revised backpacker tax fits

Whether you’ve been on a working visa and have been slogging away bagging bananas in Tully for six months, or decided to quit your city job and move to Peru, your employer has been putting money aside for your superannuation. Among sorting out all your affairs, you’re probably also wondering what will happen to your

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Top 10 tips for first time lodgers

The ATO says that last year about half a million Australians lodged a tax return for the first time, with a similar number if not more expected to lodge by the time the looming October 31 deadline arrives for getting your tax return in to the ATO. Top 10 tips for first time lodgers. Of

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