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New areas and items covered by Tax Time 2016 pre-filling service

The ATO advices that use of the pre-filling service will ensure that information provided by your clients is cross-checked with data that it already holds. This is one way to help ensure the accuracy of returns. But there are also new areas and items covered by Tax Time 2016 pre-filling service. New items covered Tax

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Tax time = prime time for scams

The ATO is reminding taxpayers that tax time = prime time for scams, and to be on the lookout for tax-related scams during Tax Time 2016. It points out that fraudulent activity surrounding tax is on the increase, noting that in 2015 almost 87,000 phone and email scams were reported to the ATO, which it

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Cash economy: The taxman has his own idea about “living expenses”

The ramifications of Australia’s “cash economy” is a pebble in the ATO’s shoe that it is constantly looking to dislodge. And the taxman has his own idea about what constitutes “living expenses”. Cash economy taxman idea living expenses. One of the tools that it has developed to achieve this is a set of guidelines looking

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