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More details of First Home Super Saver and Downsizing schemes revealed

Consultation on the proposed First Home Super Saver scheme and the Contributing the Proceeds of Downsizing scheme closed in early August, with draft legislation only recently being tabled in Parliament. First Home Super Saver and Downsizing schemes. Some adjustments have been made from the original sketched-out proposals offered with the Federal Budget last May. The

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The evolution of reliable tax guidance

The way in which our tax laws operate with regard to tax revenue collection interactions between the ATO and Australian taxpaying citizens changed dramatically just over 30 years ago when the then Treasurer Paul Keating introduced the Taxation Laws Amendment Act 1986, which introduced a system of tax collection that to this day is referred

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Claims for electronic devices, phones

That technology has changed many aspects of our daily lives is a widely accepted fact of life, and no doubt more is just around the corner. Claims for electronic devices, phones The proliferation of electronic devices of all kinds has also pervaded our work and home environments to such an extent that the line dividing

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Is that benefit caught by Division 7A or FBT?

A common occurrence, particularly in family companies, is the provision of benefits to shareholders of a company in which those same shareholders are also directors of the company. The question will then arise; is that payment caught by Division 7A or FBT? As a general rule, a fringe benefit arises if the company provides a

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