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Your clients now have 30 more reasons to get their tax right

A piece of legislation that has just made its way through Parliament means that come July 1, misdemeanors committed by errant taxpayers will become a lot more costly. Penalty units, which are currently pegged at $180 per unit, are set to increase by a little less than 17% (16.6666%) on July 1, 2017. The legislation,

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What most Budget coverage probably glossed over

{Scroll down for the full budget wrap-up} Every year, when the Federal Budget papers are distributed, there is buried in the midst of them a couple of graphs that should get more attention. They don’t reveal all that much from a tax technical perspective, but from a tax-paying citizen’s viewpoint the data revealed gives more

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Budget adds tax boost for investors in affordable housing

The government’s measures that address the issue of housing affordability includes a boost to tax incentives for investors in “affordable housing”, which it has also defined in its budget document. The proposal gives an added CGT discount for investment in affordable housing. From 1 January 2018, the government will provide an additional 10% CGT discount

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Full Federal Budget coverage here

Click here for Tax & Super Australia’s full Federal Budget coverage for the 2017 Budget.A federal budget wish list   The following was published in the lead up the Budget night, May 9, 2017. In the lead up to this year’s federal budget, Tax & Super Australia provided the government with a submission outlining the

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Getting deductions for clothing and laundry expenses right

The ATO allows certain taxpayers to claim a deduction for the cost of buying and cleaning occupation-specific clothing, items of protective wear and for certain unique, and usually distinctive, uniforms. To claim a deduction it is generally expected that you will be able to provide evidence that you purchased the clothing concerned, and will have

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