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Deductions for vacant land to be wound back

  The government announced in May this year, as part of the 2018–19 federal budget, that it will decrease the scope of allowable deductions for expenses stemming from holding vacant land that is intended to be used for residential or commercial purposes. The measure will apply from 1 July 2019. (See page 42 of the

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Could trust splitting soon result in increased tax obligations?

  A draft taxation determination released in July has triggered some alarm among practitioners that certain previously benign trust re-arrangements may soon lead to new tax obligations being attached. TD 2018/D3 posits that certain trust split arrangements should be viewed as the creation of a new trust over some, but not all, of the assets

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Board of Taxation review into FBT compliance costs

  The Board of Taxation has recently announced that it is launching a comprehensive review to determine whether there are opportunities for compliance costs to be reduced that are associated with employer obligations under FBT. In order to understand the sources of compliance costs, the Board of Taxation (BOT) is conducting focus groups, online surveys

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Annual vacancy fee for foreign residential property owners

  At the end of 2017, an annual fee was introduced for dwellings owned by non-residents of Australia. The measure is part of the government’s housing affordability plan, and is also a financial incentive for foreign owners to make their dwelling available for rent and increase available housing in Australia. Under the legislation, the Treasury

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