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Peer-to-peer sharing economy sourced assets, and the realities of making a claim

  The now common and still growing phenomenon of peer-to-peer goods exchange sites such as Gumtree or Facebook groups can throw up some interesting scenarios regarding the acquisition of claimable assets and the consequent work-related or business expense deduction claims. In the case of Gumtree, for example, the online buy-and-sell site has enjoyed increasing usage

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Deductions for donations — up to a point

  Most taxpayers are aware that donations of $2 or more are deductible, and there is flexibility in the rules around donating to emergency relief bodies in that no receipt is required if giving less than $10 (so called “bucket” donations). For taxpayers to be able to claim a tax deduction for a donation or

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Guiding hand for a client saddled with a tax debt

  Whether your client is running a business or is just an individual trying to make ends meet, there is nothing worse for them than to find they have a tax debt owing to the ATO, which most likely will also be accruing a general interest charge and perhaps even a shortfall interest charge. The

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Dealing with disputes about inheritance the best way possible

  Estate and inheritance litigation and disputes are often highly emotionally driven.  Parties often ignore the tax consequences of the matter until it is too late. Tax & Super Australia is hosting a special workshop for a Melbourne audience that should be a great help for practitioners dealing with clients who are in the midst

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