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Trust streaming of capital gains and franked dividends

The ATO has stated that a trust’s capital gains and franked dividends can, if not prevented by the trust deed, be streamed to beneficiaries for tax purposes by making these beneficiaries “specifically entitled” (more below) to the amounts. Streaming trust capital gains and franked distributions This allows beneficiaries to offset capital gains with their capital

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Deriving rent and the small business CGT concessions

  Simon Dorevitch, Senior Tax Consultant at A&A Tax Legal Consulting, examines the pitfalls of satisfying the active asset test for assets that are used to derive rent.   To access the small business CGT concessions, certain conditions must first be satisfied. One such condition is that the CGT asset satisfies the active asset test.

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Company directors: Do you REALLY know your responsibilities?

As though business owners and principals don’t already have enough on their minds, discussion about the ups and downs of the business environment is being heard around the barbecue again — just to add to the list of excuses for not sleeping well at night. Company directors especially need to keep in mind that the

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