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Cashless society? It’s about as real as the paperless office

The Reserve Bank probably only enters most taxpayer’s minds every now and then with its regular announcements on official interest rates. But another item of interest can be found in its latest annual report, especially the section on banknotes. The last RBA annual report (for 2016) showed that to the end of June 2016, the

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Are some of your clients about to get a Div 293 shock?

Division 293 was introduced about five years ago, and is intended to even out the concessional tax treatment that higher income earners enjoy on some superannuation contributions. This results from super contributions made before tax being taxed at 15% within a fund, and the higher relative difference in marginal rates for high income earners compared

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Tips and traps for your ride-sourcing clients

If you have any clients who have taken up ride sourcing and are providing services through Uber or GoCatch and other facilitators for a fare, there are things they need to know, and tips they will appreciate from you as their tax agent. Tips and traps your ride sourcing clients need to know What they

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ATO warning for your clients with work-related car claims

The ATO’s Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson has sounded a warning for taxpayers who are making what they may believe are “standard” deductions in regard to vehicle expenses, especially when it comes to the cents per kilometre method. ATO warning for your clients with work-related car claims While it is true that written evidence for deductions

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