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Clients hiring or firing? Tax tools, forms, and other template letters

Tax tools, forms, and other template letters The following may be helpful for your clients’ dealings with their employees, especially when hiring staff and managing employees once they are on-board. There are also template letters for use when terminating employment. PAYG withholding tables Tax withheld calculator (for employers and other withholding payers) Regular payments Tax

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Travel allowance or LAFHA? And how is each taxed?

That employees are required to travel for work has become increasingly significant, especially with the growing influence of a more global economy, and the sometimes necessary moving of businesses for expansion or reaching out to new markets. Being asked by the boss to travel for work purposes can be demanding on staff — financially, physically

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Taxing digital products and low value goods

Taxing digital products and low value goods There have been some important developments for GST and cross-border transactions regarding taxing digital products and low value goods. Simon Dorevitch, Senior Tax Consultant at A&A Tax Legal Consulting, reviews the changes. When the GST Act and Regulations were drafted in 1999, e-commerce was in its infancy – it

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ATO ramping up its “e-Audit” option

  The ATO has recently published information on its use of “e-Audit” technology, which it has begun to use as part of its tax compliance push. An e-Audit is carried out via technology that tests files stored in a taxpayer’s electronic records, which can verify if the stored data is accurate and complete. If a

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Your franchise clients and their tax

  If you have a client who asks about taking up a franchise, one of the first things to impart to them would be to point out that the federal Franchising Code of Conduct (download it here) is the primary piece of legislation covering the franchising area. It imposes strict obligations on franchisors to make

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