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SMSF trustees need to stay alert to survive

Another example of the reason SMSF trustees need to stay alert to survive and must constantly stay on top of developments occurring in the self managed super fund field surfaced earlier this month. The ATO went public with information that SMSF trustees in particular could be targeted by promoters of retirement planning arrangements that —

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Compliance burden fears about SMSF ‘real-time’ reporting allayed by ATO

Along with the new transfer balance cap that was introduced from July 1 this year, the ATO indicated in the recent past that more “events-based” reporting will be required for it to adequately deal with the evolving SMSF regime. It has now announced, after it conducted detailed consultation with the SMSF sector, that its implementation

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Ordinary time earnings: What’s in, what’s out

The superannuation rules stipulate that an employee’s earnings base must be the amount on which minimum superannuation contributions are payable to avoid the superannuation guarantee charge (SGC). This earnings base is determined as “ordinary time earnings” (OTE). In general terms, this seems self-explanatory — that is, OTE is what an employee earns for their day-to-day

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Child death benefit recipients and the super transfer cap

The death of a parent is hard on all those involved, however once the grieving has eased, a time comes to address financial matters. One of these issues can be what happens to any superannuation they may have left in their fund. Child death benefit recipients and the super transfer cap. Making things harder is

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How much do you need to retire?

How much do you need to retire? When it comes to superannuation and retirement savings, it seems that size really does matter. There are other considerations of course, but for the most part the focus will be on finances when people aim to “improve” their post-work life prospects. The question of how much retirement savings

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