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Taxpayers Australia becomes Tax & Super Australia

Keeping up with the rapidly changing tax and super landscape To reflect our changing focus over time, Taxpayers Australia Ltd is now Tax & Super Australia. We are more dedicated than ever in our efforts to support and empower tax and super professionals. After an extensive re-branding exercise, we’ve developed a new visual identity. The

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Small business to get a break on SuperStream deadline

With the June 30 SuperStream adoption deadline upon us, the ATO has announced that any small business that has had trouble doing so will be given consideration. While around 450,000 small businesses have implemented the required changes, according to deputy commissioner James O’Halloran, he says it has become apparent that some small businesses may need

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Survey reveals huge surge in number and value of frauds

The latest in a series of six-monthly reports from KPMG has revealed a huge jump in the occurrence and financial value of frauds. Its “Fraud Barometer” showed that over the six month period to March this year, 116 frauds were committed, with a value of $381.1 million (that is, an average of $3.3 million per

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How to find and merge all your lost super accounts in three easy steps

It’s human nature to avoid painful administrative tasks – even when completing those tasks results in clear benefit. How to find and merge all your lost super accounts Superannuation is one of those tasks. Recent ATO stats suggest too many taxpayers are setting-and-forgetting their super responsibilities; in 2014, $14 billion in lost super went unclaimed.

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