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When is it time to jettison the SMSF?

Ask yourself this question — have you reached the time and circumstances when running your own SMSF is not entirely appropriate anymore? There are specific instances when members are no longer able to be trustees of a SMSF and therefore unable to operate their fund. Tax & Super Australia is presenting a webinar that will

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SuperStream and SMSFs: Your employer will need some details, quick

The ATO has advised that as of October 28 this year, all employers will be required to be SuperStream compliant. The previous deadline of June 30 was extended, as by mid-June the ATO discovered that many (if not most) small businesses had trouble meeting that deadline. The end of October was picked, but that too

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$500,000 cap scrapped — and other superannuation “changes” announced

First of all, one wonders what has stayed the same in the rolling circus of superannuation reforms. $500,000 cap scrapped — and other superannuation “changes” announced The government has just announced what it terms “improvements” to the superannuation announcements that it made in the 2016-17 federal budget. In a media statement, Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister for

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Spike in the number of people intending to retire soon

The number of Australians intending to retire within the next year has been estimated at 415,000, according to new research put out by Roy Morgan Research. This is a 27% increase on the level recorded in 2008, when the figure was 327,000. Roy Morgan says the magnitude of these impending retirements, coupled with what it

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A well-provided retirement? Rely on investment returns, not contributions

The contentious area of contribution caps is something that many SMSF trustees grapple with, but a new report may re-cast this as an overdone concern, especially regarding the eventual level of retirement savings that members end up with. A related factor (about which many may have already pondered) is how much of one’s eventual total

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