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SMSF trustees: Don’t let “cognitive decline” sneak up on you

SMSF trustees: Don’t let “cognitive decline” sneak up on you. As the Australian population ages, and retirees become either fully or partially reliant on their own retirement savings instead of the government pension, the ability to manage those funds may be affected by one of the possible downsides of a long life. The possibility of

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Myth busted: Retirees tend to not run down super savings quickly

A report released by the Actuaries Institute last week on retirement income showed that drawdown behaviour of retirees are similar across the board, regardless of the size or type of retirement savings accounts. Retirees super savings quickly The Actuaries Institute’s Retirement Income Market Report, which it labelled as “the most comprehensive study of Australian superannuation

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Super schemes: If in doubt, check it out

The ATO says about super schemes, if in doubt, check it out. The ATO says it has seen an increase in aggressive tax planning schemes targeting retirement savings, at a time when more than one third of Australians are approaching retirement and are looking at ways to maximise their retirement assets and income. Super schemes doubt

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Taxpayers Australia becomes Tax & Super Australia

Keeping up with the rapidly changing tax and super landscape To reflect our changing focus over time, Taxpayers Australia Ltd is now Tax & Super Australia. We are more dedicated than ever in our efforts to support and empower tax and super professionals. After an extensive re-branding exercise, we’ve developed a new visual identity. The

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Small business to get a break on SuperStream deadline

With the June 30 SuperStream adoption deadline upon us, the ATO has announced that any small business that has had trouble doing so will be given consideration. While around 450,000 small businesses have implemented the required changes, according to deputy commissioner James O’Halloran, he says it has become apparent that some small businesses may need

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