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A well-provided retirement? Rely on investment returns, not contributions

The contentious area of contribution caps is something that many SMSF trustees grapple with, but a new report may re-cast this as an overdone concern, especially regarding the eventual level of retirement savings that members end up with. A related factor (about which many may have already pondered) is how much of one’s eventual total

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Deceased estates: Things you need to know

Unfortunately, having to deal with managing a deceased estate is a task many of us will have to shoulder at some stage in our lives — but having some familiarity with what’s involved beforehand will hopefully ease the burden. It is worth remembering that the law that applies to the assets and income of a

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Men’s and women’s super: How does it compare?

The gap between men’s and women’s superannuation levels is closing, according to a new report released last week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). But there is still some way to go. Men aged 55 to 64 in 2013-14 had a much higher average super balance than women in the same age group —

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Is breaking up harder for couple members of an SMSF?

Breaking up a marriage or relationship is hard on many levels, and the money put aside in superannuation is another (often substantial) asset that needs to be dealt with when couples have to consider dividing possessions in the event of a split. Naturally there are regulations drafted to deal with dividing super fund interests, however

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Report: Retirees spend modestly, despite levels of income

New research has revealed that most retirees do not spend as much as has been thought in retirement, and that this does not vary as much as expected regarding income levels — apart from the lowest income households. The study also suggests that policy proposals regarding superannuation tax concessions may miss the mark as far

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